Corporate Governance

ShareAway must be responsive to you. And, ShareAway can do that through the most robust corporate governance principles possible. We intend to give you unprecedented control over ShareAway - from executive compensation to shareholder elections. It is your company and that means you have a direct say in how ShareAway is operated. By doing so, ShareAway has the potential to make the user community the most important voice in the digital realm. It gives power back to the people that should have the power. Below, are some of our corporate governance materials.

Operating Agreement Summary

First Amended and Restated Operating Agreement

News And Events

ShareAway LLC Announces Issuance of Nearly One Million Equity Shares (3 Mar 2017)

ShareAway LLC Announces Offering of Equity Shares to Users (13 Feb 2017)

ShareAway LLC Files Election to be Taxed as a C Corporation (9 Feb 2017)

ShareAway Reports

2016 Annual Report

Quarterly Report: 2016 Second Quarter

Quarterly Report: 2016 Third Quarter